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Who We Are

Over 30 years' Experience

We are licensed and insured private investigators trained in dealing with homicide, arson, burglary and other high-profile offenses. Our security officers are state licensed and trained to handle all security needs. Most of our officers are current or retired police officers or former military. We continue to train throughout the year in new and advanced security tactics as well as diversity and sensitivity training for all situations.  We incorporate current state of the art methods and technologies. We stay up to date on the most current professional standards and laws that impact the profession and our clients.


John Ricotta, CEO, of JR Investigative & Security Services, started in law enforcement in 1983, joining the New York State Department of Correctional Service. In 1987 he joined a municipal police department, becoming the first juvenile officer with the department. He trained under state, local and federal authorities. Ricotta has extensive training in child law, corporate investigations and criminal defense. In 2008, Ricotta relocated to Upland, California and formed JR Investigative  Services, a private investigation firm which expanded to JR Investigative & Security Services in 2017.  He provides consulting services as well as security analysis and staffing, protecting both property and people. 

Our Services

JR Investigative & Security Services has an experienced and skilled team of investigators, and specialists to meet a wide variety of investigative and security needs. This includes small, large and multi-site security projects. We incorporate current state of the art methods and technologies. We stay up to date on the most current processional standards and laws that impact the profession and our clients.

Criminal Defense

We have experienced investigators to conduct thorough investigations to prepare the best defense for our clients. We conduct witness interviews and fact-finding, interview police and obtain their reports, gather video or photos from crime scenes, canvas the area and obtain video from homes or businesses in the area. It is in the best interest of the client to notify us immediately so we can get an immediate start on the investigation before evidence is lost. We also work with the best defense attorneys and can set up the legal consultation for you. We will work with your attorney as well and provide them with our findings along the way to provide the best information for them to present in court each time they appear.

Employment Investigations

We conduct thorough backgrounds for pre-employment or employment-related issues as well as for criminal or dishonest activity. For pre-employment we verify names, addresses, social security numbers, criminal and civil cases, warrants, sex offender history, driver’s license verification, credit reports and any other associated matters with pre-employment. We conduct workplace investigations including work place violence, theft of property or monies, fraud, corporate espionage, and other related offenses.


We have trained and experienced agents both plain clothes and uniformed staff to handle all security needs. Our officers and agents are former police officers or have military backgrounds. All of our personnel undergo extensive background checks and training to ensure the safety of your staff and property. We conduct security analyses for companies to determine their needs. We provide security for businesses, residences and personal protection. We service businesses in need of security for work place violence and everyday operations. JR Investigative & Security Services provides armed and unarmed security, and our officers are trained to conduct patrols and inspections of sites as well as provide access control and front desk/receptionist services.

Child Custody

We offer thorough investigations in child custody matters. We have certified juvenile investigators trained in handling sensitive matters with minors. We conduct interviews and gather facts of the case, gather evidence, meet with police and child protective services investigators and provide detailed reports for all cases. All investigators are trained and willing to testify in court to their findings.




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